#MondayMotivation – Inspired by Future Sports Leaders

Rising Sponsorships Manager, Nqobile Gama, is aiming to change the game and encourage more women to pursue leaderships positions. Photo: Supplied

Every Monday, gsport reflects on key advice shared by women in sport to encourage you to boldly pursue your dreams. This week, we put the spotlight on three young sports leaders, Nqobile Gama, Sipokazi Sokanyile and Mathatho Manaka, who are scaling new heights.

Rising Sponsorships Manager, Gama, is eager to change the game for the next generation, after uncovering a strong dominance of men in sports organisations, in a well-presented Master’s Degree in Business Management research.

Nqobile Gama: South Africa’s Next Sports Leader

“The way I plan on changing the situation going forward is to always be conscious of the fact that according to the fact that these issues exist, it’s my role and it’s my responsibility to call out those people who perpetuate the situation.

“This perpetuation happens in the circles that we exist in and it exists in the words that we use, the languages that we use, the terms that we use and the behaviours that we project or that we take on, for example – I think this this kind of links up to the challenges that I face or we face as women in the industry.”

Gama also shared advice on the importance of education and having confidence to pursue your dreams.

“Education is important, so ensure that you take you take charge of your future through education.

“When it comes to choosing a career or choosing a qualification to study make sure that you study something that you love! Do not study something that is popular or do not study something that your parents or your teachers want you to study.

“Lastly, have confidence in yourself, back yourself up because when you back yourself up it’s easy for you to convince others to have confidence in you.”

Making her mark on the international cricket scene, Sipokazi Sokanyile’s ultimate ambition is to become the CEO of Cricket South Africa one day.

Sipokazi Sokanyile’s Rise to International Media Star

Sokanyile played a significant role in raising the profile of women’s cricket as she developed from intern to media star.

She encourages women to reach for their dreams.

“I want women to know that there’s no such thing as an impossible dream. And I want women to know that there is nothing that a man can do that they can’t do twice, and better, with one hand tied behind their backs, while swivelling something else with the other hand.”

The current Proteas men’s media liaison believes in going above and beyond to pursue your desired career path.

“Spend your time planning and find people who can help you achieve that or that dream.”

Echoeing Gama and Sokanyile’s sentiments, International Olympic Committee Young Leader, Mathatho Manaka’s ambition is to deliver change in sport on the African continent.

Mathatho Manaka Wants to Deliver Change in Africa

“My greatest, greatest ambition when it comes to the sports sector, is to become an international advocate, to always support South Africa when it comes to international platforms, not just South Africa, but Africa on an entire continent.


“There’s so much that we still need to discover as opposed to your first world countries, there’s still so much that we still have to go through. And I wish to be that individual that actually has the opportunity to deliver that fantastic change on an African platform.”

Manaka advises the youth who aspire to be in the sport industry, saying: “There’s so much to be done; don’t be narrow minded!

“It’s not just the administration of sport, there’s so much more, there’s sports sciences, sports psychology, and there’s still so much more South Africa that we are willing to tap into. So just be aware and be willing to actually tap into all of these sectors.”

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Photo 1 Caption: Rising Sponsorships Manager, Nqobile Gama, is aiming to change the game and encourage more women to pursue leaderships positions. Photo: Supplied


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