Motshidisi Mohono Aims to Inspire a New Generation of Sportscasters

by | Feb 18, 2020

Award winning sportscaster, Motshidisi Mohono, is a leading rugby sports presenter in South Africa and over the past nine years has cemented her spot in a male-dominated industry. 

The 2016 gsport Awards Woman in Media TV winner’s journey began in 2011 when she won a presenter search and since then she has never turned back as she tells gsport Editor, Kass Naidoo, at the Zone @ Rosebank on Wednesday, 12 January 2020. 

“It feels good to know that I have accomplished and ticked off so many boxes and so many ticks on my bucket list as well where my career is concerned.” 

Speaking on the presenter search, Mohono says that at the time television was out of her comfort zone but she took a leap of faith that turned out to be a turning point in her career. 

“2011 I always laugh about because I worked at YFM in the newsroom and the guys told me to go for it.

“Rugby was not a niche sport of mine at the time. I had only just taken over the sports desk after Thato Moeng left.

“At that time, I had been working at YFM for three years, so broadcasting and communication I got pretty good at it, but television was this new beast, I had never done it before,” she said. 

“So, I went to the auditions and in the end, I came third overall.

“There’s never really a prize for coming third but luckily one of the producers saw my raw tape and there was a show for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and she asked me to co-present it.

“And, that’s where it all started.”

Starting at the top forced the presenter to step into her moment at a very early stage in her career. Fast forward to 2019, Mohono headlined the Rugby World Cup.

“It was such a beautiful moment.”

“When you get an opportunity like that, when your skill and your expertise and just the way you present is valued, and gets to be shown off on such a big platform and such a big tournament, man, you just want to beam with pride.

“It validates all the work that you’ve put in. In every piece of investment that is your time or your resources to getting better and better. 

“I will say I was pretty shocked at the wave of kudos and congratulations, the well-wishes. I didn’t expect it at all, not to that degree! It really surprised me but in a beautiful way.” 

As Mohono has reached a peak in her career, she is aiming to go beyond to reach new heights.

“I’ve also been asking myself what’s the next big thing, but it really is refining. Yes, last year, we put out an exceptional product but now how do we make the product that we have to make 2020 even better?

“How do I become better than from the Rugby World Cup in the tournaments taking place this year? That’s the real work now. 

“You reach this peak and you think, “I couldn’t possibly be better than this,” but you’ve got to because it’s a new ceiling that you’ve got to scale.”

Approaching her 10-year mark, Mohono is eager to lead more sports presenters and sports writers. 

“I’ve seen a lot of people, most of whom I don’t necessarily place in rugby, but they could be great sports presenters and sports writers as well.

“I’ve always said that if I am going to be considered the first, I rather be the first of many. I rather have a lot more people coming up behind me and say because of this pioneer I am able to this.”

Mohono continues to speak about the importance of mentorship and shares her advice to aspiring sports presenters. Check out the full interview in the slider above! 


Photo 1 caption: gsport’s Kass Naidoo spoke with multiple-award winning sports television and radio presenter, Motshidisi Mohono, at The Zone @ Rosebank in February 2020. Photo: gsport

Photo 2 caption: Having reached a peak in her career, Mohono is aiming to go beyond to reach new heights. Photo: gsport

Photo 3 caption: Mohono continues to speak about the importance of mentorship and shares her advice to aspiring sports presenters. Check out the full interview in the slider above! Photo: gsport


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