Nicole van Aswegen Speeding to Motorcycling Success

Nicole van Aswegen, the fastest superbike racer in South Africa, has been selected to race in the inaugural FIM Women’s Motorcycling World Championship in the the pinnacle event of her racing career, in June 2024. All Photos: Supplied

South African motorcycle racer, Nicole van Aswegen, is revving up for the ride of her life as she gears up to compete in the inaugural FIM Women’s Motorcycling World Championship, kicking off in June 2024. A true pioneer, van Aswegen’s passion for motorcycle racing was sparked during her school days, and 15 years on, she’s still burning rubber on the track.

Van Aswegen took time to speak to gsport about her journey:

“I am Nix21. I am the fastest female Superbike racer in South Africa. I have been racing for many years now, winning a few races, losing a few. I am the only female to have succeeded in a male-dominant sport. Motorcycle racing has become my life. I live, eat, sleep, and dream it.”

South African Superbike Racer, Nicole van Aswegen

Van Aswegen’s journey to the top has been paved with milestones, including clinching the South African Female 600cc Championship in 2010 and making history as the first woman to compete in a National Superbike Race in South Africa. Now, she’s set her sights on conquering the global stage, where she’ll be among the best in the world, showcasing her talent and tenacity.

In a candid chat with gsport, van Aswegen reflects on her motorsport odyssey, revealing how her upbringing in a motorsport family laid the foundation for her adrenaline-fuelled career. 

“I grew up in a motorsport family. My parents raced, and when I expressed an interest to get involved, they didn’t hesitate to help me pursue my dreams. Instead of Barbie dolls, I got a bike, race fuel, and new tyres.”

Being invited to participate in the prestigious FIM Motorcycle World Championships is the pinnacle of van Aswegen’s career.

While her competitive drive fuels her desire to win, she recognises the significance of her journey beyond the racetrack. 

Van Aswegen aims to inspire not only her daughter but also young girls across South Africa, saying, “This really is the culmination of my motorsport career. Being competitive, I want to win; but I think this journey is more than just performing well on track. 

“I want to show my daughter and all the young girls in our beautiful country that anything is possible. Girls do not need to be put in little stereotypical boxes. They are free to make their own choices, to break out of conventional norms and just follow their dreams, no matter what those dreams may be.”

Van Aswegen’s ascent in motorsport hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly when it comes to securing funding for her participation in the Championship. 

Despite the hurdles, she remains determined to overcome obstacles and fulfil her racing ambitions, driven by a relentless passion for her sport. 

“Raising funds is extremely difficult. To be honest, having to ask for money makes me cringe, but I know this is the only way that I can make my dreams a reality.”

As an advocate for women in motorsport, van Aswegen sheds light on the visibility gap in media coverage and the importance of closing it.

She emphasises the need for equal representation and recognition of women’s achievements in sports, saying, “Women’s sport is just as competitive as men’s, but it rarely gets any media coverage.”

“Not just in motorsport, but across the spectrum of sports. Despite how far the world has come in terms of equality and women’s rights, women in sport are largely still 20 years behind. 

“We work just as hard as men – if not harder, yet our results seem to be less meaningful. We deserve our fair share of screen time and editorial space.”

Reflecting on her career highlights, van Aswegen cherishes the memory of standing on the podium as the first-ever female to achieve this feat in South Africa’s national class—a testament to her skill and resilience on the track. 

“I have had a few amazing memories but my favourite one is getting a podium in a national class being the first-ever female to have achieved this in South Africa.”

Looking ahead, van Aswegen’s message to corporates is clear: Investing in women’s sport, particularly women in motorsport, is not only a sound business decision but also an opportunity to tap into a diverse and untapped market. 

With her sights set on 2024, van Aswegen is ready to wear her heart on her sleeve, representing South Africa with pride, determination, and a burning desire to make her country proud. “I’m putting my heart on my sleeve, and I am going out there to show what South Africans are made of. It has taken blood, sweat, and tears, but I’m still standing, and I am ready to make SA proud.”

Main Photo Caption: Nicole van Aswegen, the fastest woman superbike racer in South Africa, has been selected to race in the inaugural FIM Women’s Motorcycling World Championship in the the pinnacle event of her racing career, in June 2024. All Photos: Supplied

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