Radio Stars Qualify for Comrades

by | Apr 24, 2007

SAfm talk show host Thabiso Sikwane, and 5fm deejay Koula, have qualified for the Comrades Marathon, departing the Pietermaritzburg City Hall at 05h30 for a Sunday 17 June downrun to the Kingsmead Cricket Stadium, in Durban.

The dynamic duo took part in the Loskop Marathon in Middelburg over the weekend, needing to finish in 6 and a half hours to qualify.

And qualify they did! Koula finished first of the two in 5 hours 55 minutes while Thabiso came in at 6 hours 15 minutes. Well done girls!

Speaking to gsport, Thabiso said: “It’s an AMAZING feeling to have achieved it, and a relief because now that I have qualified, I can focus on a good time and improve the technique.

“Koula had a really good, run and was very strong because she kept up with the pace set by the bus.” Thabiso admits to being nervous in the week leading up to the race.

“I was relieved when the day came so that it was out of the way and psychologically, I wasn’t very positive about it for some reason.

“It was completely different terrain from what I’d ran before and it had a lot of downhills, which was also a first for me and a great challenge,” said Thabiso.

“It was however an essential learning experience, because it prepared me for the Comrades experience, when it comes to the mental aspect of the race for such a long distance.

“The people of Middelburg and the areas along the route were phenomenally supportive, and that made such a difference in the moments when I was feeling tired. My husband being there was invaluable. I kept looking forward to the next point where I would see him again!”

Thabiso’s plan is to work on endurance and technique in the lead up to the Comrades. She and Koula will be doing the Comrades test route on May 6th over a 60km distance, to get a feel of the route and distance.

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