Tayla Bruce Clinches the 5km World Ocean Swim Day Title in Durban

Durban schoolgirl, Tayla Bruce emerged from the water fifth overall to claim the women's title at the World Ocean Day Swim on Saturday. Photo: Ant Grote / Gameplan Media

Durban scholar Taylor Bruce braved the wintry weather and navigated the waves coming in off the Indian Ocean to win the 5km World Ocean Day Swim at the Durban Beach Club in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, on Saturday, 8 July 2024. 

This race had five distances. The women’s 5km winner was Tayla Bruce. The winner of the 3.2km race was Abigale Meineke. Followed by the 1.6km race winner Madison Alberts and lastly the 800m race winner Robyn Aaron. 

Bruce said she was nervous heading into the event because her training wasn’t quite where she wanted it to be, but it worked out well. “I wanted to win, and I got it, but it was more of a training thing, and it was good for my training.”

The 2024 champion said she felt inspired by swimming for a cause. “I started swimming in the ocean four years ago, and doing all of these little swims makes me realise we need to look after it. We swim in such beautiful waters, but we need to look after them. It’s nice to know you’re swimming for something. It motivates you a little bit more,” she said.

The event was enthusiastically supported with a large entry of 425 swimmers, well up on the 298 who participated in 2023. The event was swum to raise funds for the Breathe Ocean Conservation non-profit marine conservation organisation, which founded in 2018 by former competitive swimmer Sarah Ferguson.  

Sarah Ferguson, the founder of the organisation, said, “I’m blown away. I can’t believe how many swimmers there were. I didn’t expect it, and I am stoked. It’s a record for Durban for open water swimming,” she said, after finishing third in the women’s 5km swim.

Top Results for the 5km World Ocean Day Swim Race in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday 8 June 2024

1. Tayla Bruce 01:17:14
2. Tasnim Nabbie 01:22:49
3. Sarah Ferguson 01:22:58
4. Dominique Rabie 01:25:23
5. Carina Hambloch 01:25:25

Medalists in the 3.2km Race

1. Abigale Meineke 00:56:03
2. Lethokuhle Makhubu 00:57:16
3. Conny Mower 00:58:16

Medalists in the 1.6km Race

1. Madison Alberts 00:27:01
2. Rene Sauerman 00:32:12
3. Megan Neizel 00:32:52

Medalists in the 800m Race

1. Robyn Aaron 00:13:06
2. Holleigh van Achterbergh 00:14:47
3. Shayla Harvey 00:14:49

Original Content: Gameplan Media, with editing by gsport

Main Photo Caption: Durban schoolgirl, Tayla Bruce emerged from the water fifth overall to claim the women’s title at the World Ocean Day Swim on Saturday. Photo: Ant Grote / Gameplan Media

Photo 2 Caption: Abigale Meineke won the 3.2km women’s race in a time of 56:03 to finish fourth overall. Photo: Ant Grote / Gameplan Media

Photo 3 Caption: Annalie (right) and Annabel van Reenen come out the water after completing the 1.6km swim. Photo: Ant Grote / Gameplan Media

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