The Role of Sponsorship in South Africa’s Gender Pay Gap Success Story

Head of Marketing at Momentum Brand Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa speaks on the role of sponsorship in our country’s gender pay gap story and spreads the message that #OneMoreFan can really topple the status quo. Photo: Supplied

Sport in South Africa has a long and rich history of unity. It is still so surreal how the gender pay gap in sport still remains a scab in a female athletes’ life.

It was befitting to honour a recent invite extended to Momentum by The Parks Recreation & Culture department in E’thekwini.

Momentum was represented by Head of Marketing at Momentum Brand, Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa, who took to stage to speak on the role of sponsorship in our country’s gender pay gap story and spread the message that #OneMoreFan can really topple the status quo.

Having sponsored the South African Cricket team for the last 10 years, it was a vital and important exchange, where Momentum shared some of its research with the dignitaries. Also inspiring real and sincere stories from some of South Africa’s women in sports such as Portia Modise, who spoke on the lived experiences of her football career.

Inspired my Momentum’s conversation on personal branding for sponsorship opportunities, Mam’Khize of Royal AM FC acknowledged the importance of that part of the conversation and how she would love the likes of Momentum to notice her as she pursues a female football team.

The importance of closing the Media Visibility and Gender Pay Gaps became a hot topic on radio stations all over eThekwini – inspired by conversations facilitated by Momentum’s head of marketing.

She took to the mic to make us all aware of points like; A lot of our women in sports are breadwinners and mothers, who usually have other side jobs while serving on our National teams.

The conversation opened up to the South African public. Which gave insight and perspective on what the urban socio heartbeat was. South Africans are ready to become One More Fan in every sport that our women’s teams participate in. The game starts when we watch.

One More Fan can truly change the game.

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