Tshepi Moropa Fights Breast Cancer to Make a Return to Rugby

by | Jul 14, 2021

Rugby Referee, Tshepi Moropa, is back on the field after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking to gsport, Moropa said: “I had to put a lot of things on hold and focus on my health. “I always knew that I would return to rugby, I just needed to recover and put in the work needed for that.”

Moropa, who is part of the SARU Women’s Referees Academy Squad, returned in time for the inter-provincial women’s rugby matches.

“There are some amazing and incredible female referees who have been holding it down. It’s also really awesome that we can now stream live and watch women’s provincial games on SuperSport. That way, I didn’t miss out on all the action.”

She went on to chat about how COVID has been inconvenient for rugby lovers to enjoy the game fully.

“COVID has definitely stolen so much valuable time from our development, training and learning. I look forward to post COVID, so that we can all enjoy the game fully.”

Despite all the challenges Moropa has faced, she is looking forward to continuing to positively impacting the sport.

“My goal going forward is to be a better version of myself at all times. I look forward to growing in the rugby fertility and beyond.

“After what I went through, my fighting spirit and will power is even greater than before,” she concludes.


Photo 1 Caption: Rugby Referee, Tshepi Moropa (pictured right) on the field at a local inter-provincial match. Photo: Supplied


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