Bridgitte Hartley Doubles Up Medal Haul in the Czech Republic

by | May 30, 2022

Bridgitte Hartley added a bronze medal in the women’s 26,2km marathon in the Czech Republic on Sunday to the bronze she won over the short course on Saturday.

In what turned out to be a carbon-copy of the short course results, Hartley once again shared the podium with Hungarian race winner Vanda Kiszli, and Danish runner-up, Pernille Kluijers Holstrup.

“It was tough today with challenging weather conditions for the long marathon race,” said Hartley. “At the start of the race the wind came up and then it poured with rain.”

Hartley was once again central to the front bunch of women until a mistake at one of the portages saw her lose contact with the race leaders.

“It was a rookie error,” she said. “I put in in a really bad place and so had to wait while the group got away and I was left in no-man’s-land.

“That is always tough and I suppose it is character-building!” she added. “It gives me something to work on as I look forward to the rest of the season ahead.”


Read about Bridgitte’s Senior Women K1 3.4km Short Course bronze medal she won on Saturday:

Bridgitte Hartley Podiums at Canoe Marathon Short Course World Cup


Meanwhile the bad weather that has dogged the ICF Sprint World Cup in Poland meant that Esti van Tonder and Chrisjan Coetzee never got to race their finals as the truncated programme on the final day led to all but the A finals being cancelled.


Leading Senior Women K1 26,2km Canoe Marathon Results in Prague, on Sunday, 29 May, 2022:

1. Vanda Kizsli (HUN) 2:06:12
2. Pernille Kuijers Hostrup (DEN) 2:07:14
3. Bridgitte Hartley (RSA) 2:09:41
4. Anne-Sofie Winther (DEN) 2:11:25
5. Cornelia Hepp (AUT) 2:11:42


Photo 1 caption: Bridgitte Hartley won a second bronze medal at the ICF Marathon World Cup in Prague, finishing third in the women’s K1 Prague International Canoe Marathon 2022 on Sunday, 29 May, 2022. Photo: Supplied / Gameplan Media


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