Molokwane Proves Her Worth Taking Netball South Africa to the Top

In an exclusive video interview with gsport’s Celine Abrahams at the final of three Test matches between the SPAR Proteas and world no.3 England in Bellville, Cape Town, Netball South Africa President, Cecilia Molokwane, looks back on a year of hallmark successes and what lies ahead for South Africa’s most popular sporting code.

Netball South Africa has come a long way since the appointment of Molokwane in November 2017 as the recent achievements have proven that the foundation that has been built is one that will be strong enough to build a brighter future for the sporting code.

However, Molokwane admitted that it was not an easy task in the beginning as many did not believe that she could make a difference. She, however, stuck to her guns and embarked on a journey of bringing netball to the people and making it fashionable.

“Look, people never believed in me. I’m not going to be smart about it or whatever. I said to myself that I’m not here to prove anyone right, because I don’t think I’m here to prove anyone wrong either, I’m just here to do the job that is at hand and that I was given.”

“I needed to stand up and be a strong person and take on the baton of being the head of the family.” – Netball South Africa President, Cecilia Molokwane.

Molokwane’s determination and drive to ensure that the one sporting code that she holds dear to her heart reaches new heights, pushed her to strive through all the trials and tribulations that came her way.

As much as 2019 was a superb year for her career and Netball South Africa as a collective, she suffered personal battles losing her husband, mother and uncle along the way, but that too, encouraged her to continue her fight.

“This was one…I don’t know how to put it, bittersweet, I don’t know,” Molokwane reiterates.

“But I always sit back, and I thank this woman; she’s my husband’s aunt, Mrs Mabane. I didn’t wait for my husband to pass on, I didn’t wait for my mother to pass on and I didn’t wait for my uncle to pass on. Funny enough she said to me, “You need to stand up”.

“She told me that I was the only person that was left for the kids. I needed to stand up and be a strong person and take on the baton of being the head of the family and say that I am going to mourn my own way, but I must still keep on going.” She truly did stand up and made sure that she took on all her challenges like the warrior that she is.

Molokwane continued to talk about the plans for the federation and for the SPAR Proteas team that lay ahead as we embark on the journey to hosting the 2023 Netball World Cup in Cape Town. Check out the full interview below!



Photo 1 Caption: gsport’s Celine Abrahams pictured with Netball South Africa President, Cecilia Molokwane, at Bellville Velodrome where the SPAR Challenge International Test Match Series between the SPAR Proteas and England took place. Photo: gsport/Celine Abrahams

Photo 2 Caption: Netball South Africa President, Cecilia Molokwane, in conversation during her interview at Bellville Velodrome on Sunday, 1 December 2019. Photo: gsport/Celine Abrahams

Photo 3 Caption: Pictured at the 2019 Momentum gsport Awards ceremony at The Deck @ Wanderers, President Cecilia Molokwane receives the Federation of the Year award on behalf of Netball South Africa. Frennie Shivambu


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