No Hurdle Too High for Joseph

by | Aug 16, 2019

Hailing from Worcester, Western Cape, rising South African hurdles athlete Rogail Joseph has shown that it does not matter where you come from, but what matters the most is where you are headed to, as the gsport Emerging Athlete of the Year finalist has grown in leaps and bounds in her young career.

At the age of 18, Joseph has a background that many South Africans are very familiar with. Having come from a disadvantaged background and eager to give her family a better life, this is one story that many will nod their heads to as they read the statement.

Joseph went blazing into the 2018 World Championships and then this year winning the Under-20 South African and African 400m hurdles title as well as the South African university 400m hurdles championship, emerging as Africa’s best 400m and 100m U20 women’s athlete.

She managed to achieve all these feats in one month. However, it has never been all doom and gloom for the youngster. In the beginning she did not have proper kits and in 2016 she raced with worn-out spikes. Her achievements though have caught the attention of agents and kit sponsors who will be eager to support this growing athlete as she seeks to conquer the world stage.

Her Battles Continued but She Came Back Stronger Every Time

It was not only on the track and at home that she had battles to face as she had been diagnosed with iron deficiency. At the time with no medical insurance, she was fortunate enough to receive finance after doing a photoshoot with a German company that she was able to receive treatment and continue with her journey to becoming a stronger athlete.

Many might not know that the young lady even turned down three athletics scholarships in the United States to remain in South Africa to help her parents and three siblings.

She may have had these circumstances to endure, but Joseph has stood firm and remained focused on her future which will be a bright and fruitful one.


Photo 1 Caption: A bubbly Rogail Joseph has endured life’s hardships but has been a pillar of strength for her family as she tackles the world, proving that her talent is worthy to be noticed after being named as a finalist for this year’s gsport Awards in the Emerging Athlete of the Year category. Photo: Rogail Joseph


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