Nwabisa Ngxatu’s Flourishing Rugby Journey

by | Jul 28, 2021

Border Women’s Rugby Coach, Nwabisa Ngxatu, is delighted to have been an engine behind her team, who won the recently concluded 2021 SA Women’s Rugby Premier Division.

Ngxatu, who hails from Queenstown, started her sporting journey playing netball and later transitioned to rugby when she found a passion for the sport at tertiary level.

In 2011, Ngxatu was invited to join the Springbok Women’s team that went on to feature in international tournaments in both Canada and Dubai.

As she played, Ngxatu earned her Level 1 and 2 coaching certificates, which later resulted in a coaching job at Border Ladies in 2019.

Ever since, Ngxatu has taken coaching under her wing, while also holding a position as Admin clerk KwaKomani Tech High School.

Speaking to Nonto Nothana, Ngxatu shares how she balances her admin clerk work and rugby duties.


Thank you for taking time out to chat with us! Please can you tell us who is Nwabisa Faith Ngxatu?

Nwabisa Ngxatu is a lady who is now a head coach of Border Women’s Rugby, passionate about sport at large, coaching netball at a school called KwaKomani Technical School and also working as an admin clerk at the very same school.


Your team, Border Ladies were crowned Women’s Premier Division Champions for 2021. How was that moment for you?

I felt great! It was a great pleasure for me and it made me realise that I am capable of achieving anything.


What has life like growing up in Queenstown?

It was okay, I guess, however being a professional player was difficult when it came to training facilities more especially when you live in a disadvantage area, and you have to go to East London every weekend for training.


You grew up playing netball. How did rugby come into the picture?

It all started at tertiary. I had enough time to gain experience, so it all started as doing it for fun not actually knowing that I will fall in love with sport.


How do you balance both your work as an Admin clerk and rugby coach?

I am from a disadvantaged area also, we have kids coming from rural areas and we only have camps on weekends, making it easier for me to handle being both an admin clerk and a coach.


In 2011, you were invited to be part of Springbok Women’s team and you also made the cut to play 7’s. How did these experiences boost your confidence as a woman in sport?

It boosted my confidence so much, and the support I had made me work even harder.


Who are the women you look up to within the industry?

Kula Cebisa, Mandisa Williams and Nomsebenzi Tsostobe.


You made a major shift from being a rugby player to coach. Please tell us more about your transition.

During my time as a player I was doing my level 1 and 2, so I got a call from SARU to say that I was appointed in 2018, only because I was the only one with a level 2 coaching certificate. Being a coach is a great thing, you turn to be a parent.


What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

To see myself working with kids within the sports industry, and one of my biggest aspirations in life is making a difference in children’s lives.


What are your thoughts on the current state of women’s sport and how can we continue to improve it for future generations?

How I wish women in sports get to sign professional contracts, especially those that are playing provincial because we are having a challenge of girls that get pregnant, so having firm contracts will help them to be responsible and keep their talents within.


Photo 1 Caption: Border Women’s Rugby Coach, Nwabisa Ngxatu, is delighted to have been an engine behind her team, who won the recently concluded 2021 SA Women’s Rugby Premier Division. Photo: (Supplied)


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