Emma Hayes says it’s a ‘Huge Honour’ to Coach the USWNT

One of soccer’s worst kept secrets is finally out. Emma Hayes was officially announced as the new coach of the US Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) on Tuesday, 13 November 2023. Photo: Emma Hayes on Instagram

Emma Hayes will take over as the USWNT soccer coach. She says coaching the US Women’s side has been something that has been long time dream for her. She will however try to help Chelsea Women win the WSL before she departs at the end of the season.

Women Officials Marching On

Match Official Stephanie Frappart broke new ground in 2020, when she became the first woman referee to take charge of a men’s UEFA Champions League match. Photo: Actu Foot (Twitter)

Women match officials made significant strides to break new ground in the past year, taking charge of top-class matches across the globe. Today, we look back at these incredible feats.

Nnusi Gazi Aims to Leave a Legacy in Women’s Sport.

Netball South Africa’s Head of Communications and Media, Nnusi Gazi, is passionate about elevating women’s sport and hopes to one day leave a legacy for the next generation. He is also using the lessons learnt from the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup to bring a new dimension to the world of local media.

Brittany Carter Leading the Way for Women’s Sport

ABC News’ Brittany Carter has continuously gone the extra mile to promote all codes of Australian women’s sport on the national broadcaster as she believes that female sports stars deserve recognition on the highest platforms. Photo: Supplied

ABC News’s Brittany Carter continues to champion women’s sport in Australia by affording athletes the opportunity to share their stories on the Ladies Who League podcast platform. Carter chats to Selina Munsamy about the growing support of women’s sport and overcoming challenges in her career.