Research from Victoria University suggests that many girls drop out of sport or choose not to engage in physical activity because they feel embarrassed about putting their bodies on display or not adhering to societal standards of beauty.

The research focused on 12-18-year-old’s stating that young girls prefer sports uniforms that are functional and not necessarily fashionable.

Professor Clare Hanlon said to ABC News, “Schools and sports clubs could have fantastic facilities and programs, but if girls don’t feel comfortable in what they wear as a sport uniform you’re going to be flat out getting them to the venue.”

The majority of the girls would rather wear shorts and T-shirts over skirts.

Australian Football star, Katie Brennan expressed the importance of the right gear for sports participation.

“After this study, we’ve found some really powerful evidence that we do need to change to be able to keep girls in sport and keep them feeling really comfortable in physical activity and incidental activity is going to be massive for health reasons.. but collectively as a community for health and wellbeing.”

The purpose for the University’s research is to make schools and local sports clubs change their uniforms to encourage young girls to participate in sports and physical activity.


Photo 1 Caption: Uncomfortable uniforms discourage young girls to participate in sports. Photo: Students Imogen and Lucinda Hulbert with Professor Clare Hanlon and AFLW star Katie Brennan. Photo: ABC News