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SA women athletes, Michaela Whitebooi, Aniya Holder and Toni Mould are chasing Paris Dreams! Support their journey and fuel their ambitions. ##gsportGlobal #PlayYourPart 🇿🇦 Stock Photo: Envato

With the Olympics and Paralympics just a few months away, South African athletes who have qualified for both Games are seeking crowdfunding support, to not only make South Africa proud, but also represent the entire African continent.

Among these athletes are Michaela Whitebooi, a judo practitioner, Aniya Holder, a speed climber and veteran para cyclist, Toni Mould, and they are actively crowdfunding as they continue their journey to prepare for the games in July 2024.

Despite the potential to attract major sponsors, women in sports often find themselves in a quandary as they balance full-time jobs, rigorous training schedules, and the constant search for funding to represent their country on the world stage.

To support Michaela’s Olympic journey, contributions can be made at this ProTouch.Africa link 

Whitebooi, a South African judo champion who clinched her first gold medal at the 40th Judo African Championships in April 2019, has launched a crowdfunding initiative to support her journey to #Paris24. Having already secured a gold medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Whitebooi is no stranger to hard work and consistent performance.

The 28-year-old, known for her transformation from a “girly-girl” to a formidable competitor on the judo mat, has secured a spot at the Games in July based on her continental ranking. However, additional funding is required to cover her expenses leading up to #Paris24. 

Whitebooi hopes that the South African public and corporations will rally behind her quest to etch her name in the annals of Olympic history.

In an interview with gsport in January, Whitebooi expressed her aspirations, stating, “It will mean that I have achieved my goal of being the first South African judoka to compete in two consecutive Olympic Games. I will once again represent SA on the highest level of judo competition and represent my family, friends, and community back home.”

Aniya Holder, a 22-year-old speed climber, stands as the only female representative from Africa set to compete in the Summer Olympics. Holder secured her spot at the Olympics during the International Federation of Sport Climbing African qualifier in December 2023, where she topped the qualifications with a time of 11.89 seconds.

To show support for Aniya, contributions can be made via this ThundaFund.Africa link

Despite achieving this remarkable feat in her discipline, Holder is still in need of funding to turn her Olympic dream into reality. Her funding goal falls within the range of “R150,000 to R250,000.”

In a recent interview with gsport, Holder expressed her excitement, saying, “It’s amazing. I’ve always dreamed of going to the Olympics, not just for speed climbing, but as a kid, you dream of going to the Olympics one day. It’s huge, and it’s nice to know that if I set my mind to something and work hard enough, I can achieve it.”

As anticipation builds for the Olympics, Holder humbly seeks support from fellow South Africans and corporations to help her reach her goal of competing at #Paris24.

Toni Mould has been at the top of her game for over a decade but she still finds herself in a position where she is constantly fundraising. Mould kindly spoke to gsport this week about her fundraising journey in sport and kindly shared #AdviceForSucess for athletes to thrive in raising funds. 

If you want to donate to Mould’s cause, here’s the link to her Backabuddy page

Mould is desperate to be in Paris later this year, saying: “I want to attend another Paralympics because Tokyo 2020/21 was so Covid-19 affected that, although I’m very glad I went, I feel like we missed out on a lot.”

“My second ambition is to take one of my current trainers on an overseas sporting trip as my carer,” says Mould, “Because she has had my back for the last few years, and made a huge difference in my sporting and personal life.”

Photo Caption: SA women athletes, Michaela Whitebooi, Aniya Holder and Toni Mould are chasing Paris Dreams! Support their journey and fuel their ambitions. ##gsportGlobal #PlayYourPart 🇿🇦 Stock Photo: Envato

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