Netball World Cup Trophy Tour Inspires South African Youth at TNL

This year, the Telkom Netball League (TNL) is set to captivate netball enthusiasts at the Heartfelt Arena, while continuing to inspire the South African youth, and with less than 60-days to go to the Netball World Cup (NWC) the Gauteng leg of the trophy tour ended at the opening day of the TNL.

For the opening day of the league which coincides with the start of Youth month, Telkom welcomed both the NWC trophy as well as 500 aspiring young netball players to not only experience the TNL but to also be part of the Gauteng leg of the NWC trophy tour making the experience more accessible to young South African’s during this special month dedicated to Youth Month.

Telkom recognises the immense potential and talent that resides within South Africa’s youth, and as a committed supporter of their aspirations, they have chosen to celebrate Youth Month through the TNL. By incorporating the highly coveted trophy tour into the league’s opening day festivities, Telkom aims to ignite the dreams of the many aspiring young netball players who will have the incredible opportunity to witness the exhilarating action first-hand.

By partnering with Netball South Africa, Telkom essentially aims to use the NWC Trophy Tour to drive affinity towards netball in the country and Gugu Mthembu, Telkom’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed this by saying, “Telkom believes in empowering young women through sports and their passion for netball. By showcasing the peak of world netball through the trophy tour, we not only celebrate the talent and dedication of our young players but also aim to inspire them to dream big and believe in their potential.”

Building upon this vision, the TNL, which will be played at the Heartfelt Arena between 02 June and 01 July, will not only provide a platform for talented players but also play a vital role in nurturing talent for the national team.

“The TNL serves as a platform for talented players to showcase their talents and this year, players get to compete alongside the official SPAR Proteas players. We are proud to be part of this journey with them and hope more young girls will be encouraged to embrace netball and Stand Tall.” says Mthembu.

Telkom’s sponsorship of the TNL has been running consecutively for four years, demonstrating their unwavering support for female sports as well as the continuous efforts to back and uplift women in sports.

Renowned netballers such as Proteas captain Bongi Msomi, Izette Griesel, Tshina Mdau and Khanyisa Chawane will also participate in the TNL, representing their respective teams, while inspiring aspiring netballers in attendance.

“The TNL showcases our commitment over the years to empower the youth as well as our dedication in fostering talent and providing opportunities for athletes to shine. All roads lead to the netball world cup and with TNL being part of that journey it is truly a momentous occasion, and we hope to inspire young athletes to do big things for the sport,” adds Mthembu.

Join us in celebrating the power of youth and the excellence of netball at the Telkom Netball League – witness thrilling matches, support aspiring athletes, and embrace the spirit of #StandTall. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event!

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