Van Zyl Records Fastest Time in Over 20 Years at Gun Run

by | Oct 21, 2019

Almost 20 000 runners took part in the OUTsurance KFM Gun Run on Sunday, 20 October 2019, on the traditional Green Point to Camps Bay route as Irvette van Zyl claimed the half marathon gold medal.

Following a mid-year operation, van Zyl showed that she was coming back to her best as she raced to the finish line in 1:12:11, which was the fastest time in the Gun Run in over 20 years and second fastest to be recorded in the race’s history as well.

From the outset, van Zyl took the lead and was ahead of second-placed Fortunate Chidzivo by the halfway mark and continued in her stride until the finish line.


2019 OUTsurance KFM Gun Run – Results:
1 Irvette van Zyl (Ned CG) 1:12:11
2 Fortunate Chidzivo (Retail Langa) 1:15:02
3 Jenna Challenor (M&R KZN) 1:16:25
4 Zintle Xiniwe (Boxer WP) 1:18:21
5 Christine Kalmer (M&R CG) 1:18:35
6 Alexandra Stuart-Smith (M&R AGN) 1:21:41
7 Tanith Maxwell (Ned WP) 1:22:49
8 Alexa Townsend (tmp lic) 1:26:00
9 Sophie Cope (UCT) 1:27:09
10 Jeanette Kohler (Ned WP) 1:27:18


Photo 1 Caption: South African runner Irvette van Zyl pictured after her half marathon victory at the OUTsurance KFM Gun Run on Sunday, 20 October 2019 at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. Photo: @liezelv on Twitter

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