Tatenda Gondo is passionate about acknowledging and celebrating athletes who hardly receive attention from the mainstream media, leading her to start her own blog - Sports Rifle 724 – which she hopes will one day turn into a powerful sports content hub. Photo: Supplied

Tatenda Gondo Passionate About Telling Untold Stories

Zimbabwean freelance sportswriter, Tatenda Gondo, wants to turn her Sports Rifle 7/24 blog into a powerful platform, telling the stories of athletes who do not get the recognition from mainstream

Multiple Western Province cross country champion, Amy Abrahams, is determined to use her running and teaching experience to mentor young kids at Christel House, as she hopes to inspire the next generation to achieve their goals. Photo: Supplied

Amy Abrahams Inspiring the Next Generation

Multiple Western Province cross country champion and full-time teacher, Amy Abrahams, uses her life story to inspire youth growing up in disadvantaged areas. She tells Celine Abrahams about the importance

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